Please submit a no more than 3 minute piece on our theme...No Thanks - Stories about the things we're not grateful for, to be read at our Lit Nights event on Friday evening, November 10.

Please note that this event will be held in-person only at 297 Page Street in San Francisco. 

Submissions close on October 11. We will let you know if you're reading by October 28. 

Welcome to the submission site for Lit Camp's bite-sized literary magazine, A Thousand or Less. Submitting is free, and you may submit as many pieces as you long as they are a thousand words or less. 

Please let us know at the top of your submission the genre you are writing in, and feel free to add up to 2 sentences about the piece. (Doesn't count toward your 1000 words.)

We will let you know if your piece has been chosen for publication in A Thousand or Less. If you do not hear from us within two month's time, it is likely we haven't been able to use your piece. But please try us again!

Lit Camp